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True Blue Crew LLC Attends Apartment Association of Greater Wichita (AAGW) Maintenance Mania and Trade Show

On 3/29/2018 the True Blue Crew attended their second year at the annual Apartment Association of Greater Wichita (AAGW) Maintenance Mania and Trade Show at Cessna Activity Center.

True Blue Crew Attends AAGW Trade Show

This year Andrew was honored to and had a blast helping with Maintenance Mania by judging the water heater installation table. Andrew also had the opportunity to help with the racing of the cars built by maintenance techs.

It is amazing to see the ingenuity and design features incorporated by maintenance techs in the building of their cars from materials they use in their job. Following maintenance mania we manned our trade show booth decked out in Star Wars for the trade shows' theme of intergalactic.

Star Wars Trade Show Display

Jesse and Daniel had a ton of fun the days before the trade show working on the decorations for the booth. Jesse came up with the idea to turn one of our pieces of equipment, the gutter vacuum, into R2-D2. Daniel did an awesome job of creating the transformation. Daniel also went all out getting a few of Star Wars Lego creations of Chewbacca, Bb-8, and Luke's Land Speeder. Elizabeth came up with a perfect heading for the poster board with all of our pictures on it. It read "LET OUR FORCE BE WITH YOU!". Planetary and star covered cloth draped over the table and hung from the company banner for the backdrop. To top it all off, blue and red light sabers formed a cross above the backdrop of the booth and intergalactic background music played through the JBL speaker on our table. Betty put together an awesome intergalactic themed gift basket which was won by one of the attendees from Central Bay Apartments. Boy, do we have fun doing what we do!

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