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Window Cleaning

True Blue Crew offers the newest and safest method for window cleaning both residential and commercial buildings.

We offer traditional and high-reach window cleaning using both squeegee and water-fed pole technology.  Our newest innovations offer a safe, efficient, and high quality clean without the use of ladders and lifts to reach 2nd, 3rd & 4th story windows.

Through experience we have learned the various methods of window cleaning that will give you the very best quality with the least amount of risk for someone falling on your property. 

Working around water and ladders can be dangerous and especially prone to operator injury. Don't assume the liability of someone getting hurt on your property!

We use the world's leading pure water window cleaning system that allows us to clean your windows up to 45 ft high safely from the ground.

In addition we have eliminated the need for harmful chemicals on your windows. We are conscious of keeping things as eco-friendly clean as possible! 

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