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About True Blue Crew LLC

True Blue Crew LLC was started in 2016 by Jesse Barg and serves Wichita, Kansas and surrounding areas.

His business quickly became the preferred specialty cleaner for window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, dryer vent cleaning, interior high dusting, construction cleaning, and glass restoration.

 True Blue Crew Team

About the Business

True Blue Crew - Jesse started the business in the Fall of 2015. His passion and goal for it is three fold.

  1. To perform services in such a way that it raises the bar for the industry to the point that True Blue Crew is perceived as the gold standard for the cleaning and maintenance related services it provides. We will have reached this when True Blue Crew is a "household" name everyone in our service area is familiar with and knows if you want a quality, reliable, professional, efficient, and consistent service then we are the name that comes to mind.
  2. To create an amazing company culture that is a blessing to its employees and clients. The culture will promote innovation, camaraderie, efficiency, safety, and eco-friendliness. It is a place where a work/life balance is irrelevant and antiquated because each individuals' involvement in the business is a welcome, fulfilling, and rewarding part of their life. The keystone item to bring that to fruition is at some point along the road to business maturity we will restructure to being employee owned. This will make every member in True Blue Crew an owner with a vested interest in its' business persona and growth.
  3. To use our expertise and equipment to provide our services from heavily discounted all the way to free for the communities and select charitable organizations in our service area. 

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Jesse - I am a fixer. I like to take pretty much anything and see if there is any possible way to improve it. I love keeping things organized where everything is in its' proper place. There is just nothing like that wonderful feeling when completing a bank reconciliation or closing out a tax year and everything is balanced the way it should be. As far as favorite past times, I also enjoy building things, horseback riding, shooting, fishing, Friday campfire nights with the family, riding motorcycles, museums, old architecture, and history. There is also nothing like being so far out in nature that there is only the peaceful sound of the world, no distant whirring of traffic on roadways, planes in flight, phones ringing, people talking, or music. At the same time I really enjoy meeting new people from all different walks of life and amazing life stories.

I grew up on a small ranch in the Flint Hills of southeastern Kansas near Eureka. My wonderful and beautiful wife Betty, grew up in the heart of Wichita, KS. We got married in July of 2002, both at the age of 17. I graduated from Eureka High School a semester early in December of 2002 and she was a homeschool graduate in May of 2003. We had our first son, Ivan in 2006, and then twins, Adam and Abigail in 2009. Since then, we have taken in Matthew, who is now 18 and Benjamin who is 4. I graduated from WSU in 2010 with a double major in accounting and finance as well as a minor in business management. All through my college years I worked a full time customer service job for a nationwide company and Betty and I worked on doing a complete ground up renovation on a late 1800's farm house. This was also completed in 2010. Shortly after this I started work at an accounting firm in downtown Wichita and worked there through two tax seasons. Then we moved to Hot Springs, AR where I attended a small bible college for a year. Shortly after returning to Kansas I began working for one of the largest accounting software companies in the world. After two years there I decided it was time to start a business. The knowledge and experience I accumulated from growing up on a ranch, going to college, working in customer service, working in the accounting field, and doing the labor on the home renovation myself provided me with a good combination of skill-sets to start, operate, and grow a successful service industry business.

Something I hope to have the ability to do in the future is use the success of this venture and possibly the help from other supporters if necessary to purchase a large amount of agricultural land in the Flint Hills. The land would be developed into a completely self sustaining ranch. Wind and solar generated electricity, crops to feed livestock, gardens and orchards, etc. A variety of services could be offered for revenue purposes such as guided hunting, horseback riding, atv off roading, paintball/airsoft games, shooting range, nationally known site for training and shooting competitions, and the list could go on and on. The revenue from these would make it continue in perpetuity without continued financial support from any outside source. On a large property like this there would be about every imaginable trade needed such as building fence, tending to livestock, maintenance and construction, pasture maintenance, crop farming, mechanic, and again on and on goes the list. This self sustaining ranch would be used as a resource to help people. We could bring kids out of the city for things as short term as field trips or as long as full summer semester tech type courses. We could also use it for outreach and ministry programs working with existing organizations for a place of sanctuary and learning for the homeless, parolees, spouses from abusive relationships, etc. A place possibly for those just needing a quiet secluded time to get away from the world for a while and recuperate. This could be for missionaries, members of law enforcement and their families, veterans and their families, public figures etc. Also, excess of the produce and meats could be used to provide for food needs for those in our region that could use it.