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True Blue Crew Cleaning Ground Level Windows

Window Cleaning - Residential

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PLEASE NOTE: If your house has A LOT of one story windows and just a few higher story windows please call us for a custom quote as we may be able to apply a special discount.

This service includes a thorough clean of your standard interior, exterior (or both) windows using a combination of traditional window cleaning and innovative water-fed-pole technology. This means we are able to clean up to 45 ft high safely from the ground, significantly reducing your risk as a home owner.

Key Advantages to YOU:

  • No nasty or harsh chemicals used. Pure water allows your windows to dry completely free of streaks and spots.
  • Carbon Fiber Water-Fed-Pole system keeps our operators safely on the ground

If you subscribe for routine maintenance service we do offer a discount. Please ask us for a custom quote.

*Please note that there is an extra charge for the removal, cleaning, and reinstallation of external window screens. If you want screen cleaning please add them to your cart.

**Due to the nature of window cleaning all prices are not guaranteed and are subject to change upon the special circumstances of your home. For example if you live in a historic home with very old windows, special care may be needed. If in doubt please contact us for a quote.